Water Well Pipes  Αντλητικά Συστήματα  Αγροτικά Μηχανήματα  Μηχανουργικές κατεργασίες  ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ

Steel and Stainless Steel Water Well Pipes and Screens

The V. Liarommatis Company produces longitudinally welded base pipes type ER/HFW (Electric Resistance/High Frequency Welding) as per DIN 1626/2-2458 with a diameter of 5" - 123/4" and length 6m without circumferential welding seams.

Plastic PVC-U Water Well Pipes and Screens

 As well as metal water well pipes, the V. Liarommatis Company also produces plastic pipes and water well screens. It is the largest plant in Greece, producing geo-drilling pipes as per DIN 4925.

Pumping Systems end equipment

The V. Liarommatis Company distributes the Italian submersible pumps PANELLI, PANELLI submersible motors for pumps and the entire range of products of PANELLI company.

Polyethylene water well pipes

In addition to the aforementioned, our company also manufactures polyethylene pipes and screens (High Density Polyethylene Pipes- PEAD) with threaded connections. These pipes are utilized in waste collection and transportation as well as fermentation gas transportation.

Workshop attachments

The company V. Liarommatis SA, because of modern CNC machine tools at its disposal, can produce high quality various components. For the design of products and support of CNC machine tools the company use a CAD-CAM software.

Agricultural machinery

The company V. Liarommatis SA represents since 1985 in Greece, agricultural machinery of company GRIMME. The company GRIMME is one of the largest German companies producing machines....