Company Profile

The company V. Liarommatis SA was established in 1983 with the initial purpose of meeting the increased needs of the Achaia region as well as those of the greater area of Greece in agricultural machinery. Since 1988, this initial purpose has been complemented by the manufacturing of water well pipes as well as water pumping systems, which have become the principal activities of the Company up to the present time. Our extensive experience combined with continuous investment and utilization of the most advanced equipment has
made our Company the largest facility of metal water well pipe production in Greece. Similarly, the V. Liarommatis Company is the largest Company in Greece active in the production of PVC-U plastic water well pipes to DIN 4925 standard, with a pioneering role in polyethylene plastic pipe manufacture.

Our growing expertise and dynamic choices have made our company a leader in the field with sales expanding in foreign countries, such as Cyprus, Albania, Romania, and so on. Within the framework of the continuous development of the company, from 2000 our activities have also included machining – mainly the production of a variety of machine components – in a subcontracting capacity.

The V. Liarommatis Company is based in the Lappa region of Achaia, in privately owned premises occupying 25,700 m2, of which 5,280 m2 houses the functionally arranged production facilities, offices and warehouses. In addition, we have an ultra modern and fully equipped workshop in the Patras Industrial Zone, occupying an area of 4,000 m2 (1,200 m2 of which is under cover), dedicated to the manufacturing of water well pipe equipment and
pumping systems as well as various other components according to customers’
requirements. Also, in Thessaloniki we have a large branch office for the immediate availability of the entire range of our products, in northern and central Greece and the northern Balkan countries.


The company’s strategic objectives are summarized by the three following principles:


– The manufacture of high quality products, to the strictest specifications.
– Consistent product delivery within the shortest possible time.

– The optimum quality – cost ratio for our products.

Within the framework of implementation of these objectives and through ongoing investments, our Company now has the most advanced equipment and state of the art technology. For example, our equipment includes CNC machine tools, robotic machinery for pipe screen production, and robotic machinery for thread welding at pipe edges as well as CAD-CAM design software. Such equipment is operated by experienced and specially
qualified personnel. For quality assurance in production processes and services, our company is certified by the Quality Assurance System EN ISO 9001:2015.


Also, our company, respecting the environment but also health and safety in the workplace, implements the environmental management system EN ISO 14001: 2015 and the health and safety system at work EN ISO 45001: 2018.


Our collaboration extends into both the private and the public sector and our clientele includes farmers, hotel units, fish-farming facilities, bottling plants, public works contractors as well as institutions, such as local government authorities, PPC SA, IGME, and so on.